Monday, 7 August 2017

Not the right angle for a narrowboat

We stayed in Tewkesbury from Friday until this morning. We had enjoyed some great singing in the abbey, including Mozart's Requiem and Messaien's O Sacrum Convivium, both of which I have sung myself. But it was time to move on. This was our mooring in Tewkesbury. (A cruiser is just coming out of the lock, which is at right angles to the river.)

A couple of minutes upstream, beyond Tewkesbury Marina, we were passing a line of sailing boats. A very different scene from the Caldon Canal, say.

The River Severn has high banks and few scenic views (in our recent experience), whereas the River Avon has low banks and a view round every bend. Bredon Hill followed us all the way to Pershore.

Eckington Bridge was built 400 years ago and is still doing the job.

As we left Nafford Lock we saw this boat on the wrong side of the weir boom and at definitely the wrong angle.

A victim of the 2007 floods? Surely not.

We tied up by the football ground (and Asda) in Pershore and had a barbecue.

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