Monday, 28 August 2017

IWA Festival of Water, Ilkeston

We've come to the end of a hot and tiring festival here on the Erewash Canal in Derbyshire. This post is by way of a stopgap - a fuller report with pictures will follow when we have more data available. We got to our mooring last Tuesday. I helped with marking out the site over the next three days; we have both been doing stints on the BCF stand and I have been helping out on the rope throwing stand. Tomorrow we shall start our return journey down the Erewash and onto the Trent and Mersey.


Lisa said...

Hi there again,
Just to say we passed NB Kew this afternoon at Hopwas!!!!!

NB What a Lark

Halfie said...

They were nearly home, then. It was good to see you both at the Curdworth Locks.