Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Shadow share sold

At last, I think I can now go public with this. I have been waiting for actual money to land in my bank account, but the boat management company BCBM has received the agreed sum from the purchasers, whose name has been circulated to the other members of the syndicate as new owners. And I was excluded from the list (I know about it via my brother, who still has his share). So I can be 99.9% confident that all is in order, and that we have finally sold our share.

The delay in my receiving any money is because my share of the winter maintenance costs needs to come out first, and that calculation has yet to be made. Once that is deducted I'm expecting a small amount of dosh to boost my finances a touch, and so we can concentrate on running one boat, rather than the 1.05 boats of recent times.

We had our Shadow share for 12 years, and have had some excellent holidays on it. I can remember only three breakdowns while we were on board: a throttle linkage broke, which I was able to repair myself; we overheated once or twice necessitating a bit of a pause in proceedings; and a gearbox oil pipe broke, which was fixed for us within a couple of hours.

So for us it's a mixture of sadness - at saying good bye to an old friend - and happiness - at not having to pay for a boat we don't need.

It's odd how I have managed almost completely to blot out the disastrous end of OwnerShips from my memories of Shadow! I don't like to dwell on how much money we lost; on the other hand OwnerShips did open the door to boat (shared) ownership for us. I think we did well to end up going to BCBM, who have been completely open and transparent, especially where the finances were concerned.

May the new owners have as much fun with Shadow as we did.


Captain Ahab said...

A bittersweet moment

Anonymous said...


We'll be forever grateful to our share boat, Dragonfly, for introducing us to boat ownership, but we don't miss her - Indigo Dream is our "heart" boat - I hope that Jubilee will be yours...

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nev Wells said...

I echo what Sue says, Sylph was our Ownerships boat, we had some great trips on her and thankfully got out before Allan's mismanagement/fraud/ what ever it can be called was found out. Now when do you properly get Jubilee??


Halfie said...

Andy, Sue and Nev, it seemed to take quite a long time to sell, but we're glad we now have. We have no regrets about buying the share in the first place as Shadow was a great route in to boat ownership. We might have Jubilee to ourselves very soon - I'll keep you updated.