Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Draining water from the diesel

When I was on the boat last week I wanted to drain off any accumulated water from the fuel system. The first thing the fuel line encounters after the tank is a stop cock, then there is what I think is called the agglomerator. On Jubilee it's a Bosch unit. On its underside is a rubbery/plasticy projection which I tried to turn, but which refused to cooperate. Here it is.

(I held the camera underneath, pointed it up and clicked.)

That black thing is what I tried to turn, but it just felt rubbery and would not budge.

Am I doing the right thing? Is this where I drain the water off? Should it twist anticlockwise? How much force can I apply?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Paul and Elaine said...

Yes that is the drain, and anticlockwise will loosen it. It should be finger tight! Rather than risk breaking it turn off the stop cock then undo the centre bolt on the top and remove the bottom unit, after you have removed the water and gunk refit the bottom unit. Turn on the stop cock, then crack the fuel union going to the motor until solid fuel comes fuel comes out, tighten the union job done.

Alf said...

If its plastic or Rubber you will have to replace it with a metal one before the next BSS Test.

Halfie said...

Thanks Paul, that is very helpful.

Alf, ooh dear. Can you get metal replacement thingies? Or could I put a short bolt there instead?

Les Biggs said...

I understood it was the fuel filter that required a metal drain not the aggrematter thingy.

Alf said...

As far as I am aware, if its in the engine compartment it has to be metal. I was told the reason is, that if there is a fire in the engine compartment the plug would melt & feed the fire. Yes you can get metal replacement plugs, or fit a suitable bolt.