Friday, 28 February 2014

Railway and canal mural in Milton Keynes

21st February 2014

What does this remind you of?

It reminds me of the bridge over the Oxford Canal in the Rugby area with the mosaic murals (they are mosaic, aren't they?)

This is the former Wolverton to Newport Pagnell railway line, and a modern concrete bridge has been enhanced by the artwork. A little further along the same wall is a representation of the original, extant, bridge over the canal.

I didn't do anything quite so sensible as taking a wider photo of the bridge with the murals, but this substantial brick bridge is nearby.

It's well worth exploring this old railway line. A good access point is the iron lattice bridge (76A) which carries the line over the Grand Union very near the Black Horse pub at Great Linford. This is the one depicted in the mural.

I expect you could easily walk it at night if you really wanted to - it has streetlights along the entire length.

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