Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February half-term cruise days one and two

Tuesday 18th February 2014

We left Thrupp Wharf Marina yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, after removing nearly all of Ally and Ben's remaining things. Hooray! Now the mess can be ours mine and not theirs! (They were very tidy, really.) If I were not feeling so grotty I'd be putting lots of my things away, but it's still sitting in a fruit box*.

Another thing I did yesterday was wash the side of the boat against the pontoon before setting off. I managed to pick about the only rainy spell to head down to Cosgrove, but it had stopped by the time we reached the service block. For a change Jan set the lock while I motored in.

We stopped at the visitor moorings at Wolverton and tied up for the night. I was feeling well enough to go to the North Western pub for a meal: Jan had hunter's chicken; I had liver and bacon casserole. Each meal was less than a fiver. I returned to the boat by myself for some R&R leaving Jan helping Ally with some studying. Ben brought Jan back later.

We have been burning wood foraged from a previous expedition: it's been giving out a lovely heat. All I have to do is remember to feed it now and again. (oh dear: it's just gone out.)

Wednesday 19th February 2014

I washed the other side of the boat this morning as it was against the towpath. There are some tiny rust patches which I need to do something about soon: today would have been a good day but I was ready for a long rest after my bucket and sponge exercise.

Eventually we left Wolverton and got all the way to Great Linford (not far at all) where we tied up on the 48 hour mooring. After lunch on board we walked round the mostly picturesque village.

I would have loved to have tried out the Nag's Head pub, but haven't felt up to it. I chopped some kindling instead.

What ails me? The return of a sore throat and lethargy, mainly. Nothing in comparison to what poor old Keith of Hadar is going through, though, so I'm not asking for sympathy. (It will be nice for Jan when I'm better!)

The original plan for tomorrow was to have winded at Campbell Park, possibly stopping for coffee/lunch, and then returning to Wolverton ready for a short cruise back to the marina on Friday; then doing boat jobs until driving home. The way I'm feeling we might whizz straight to the marina and come home early. Well, it's not as much fun on the boat for either of us when I'm like this.

Photos to come later.

*Supermarket fruit boxes are the most useful free "storage solutions" I have come across. Perfect for transporting actual supermarket shopping in the first place - just load items from checkout straight into the box on the trolley; lift into boot; lift from boot into house: no bags to split or fall over and more environmentally friendly - and then they stack for longer term storage.


Captain Ahab said...

Good for carrying jam jars too! Get well soon.

Val Poore said...

So glad you are getting time on your Jubilee so early in the year!

Halfie said...

Andy, thanks.

Val, yes, it's been remarkably mild for Feb.