Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Waltham Abbey to Hertford

I'm still a day out with this. Too much cruising!! Yesterday (it seems much longer ago than that) my brother and fellow Shadow owner David, with Penny and Fergus, joined us for the last part of our cruise into Hertford. But before we set off in the morning, we had a look round Waltham Abbey. The pedestrianised high street is notable for its lack of chain shops. Outside the Abbey itself is King Harold's 'tomb', the inverted commas because his exact place of burial, unlike the date of his death, is unknown.

The 'tomb' in question is marked by a modest, eroded lump of stone. That's it, between the trees.

David and co. joined us between Aqueduct Lock and Carthagena Lock. They'd driven to a car park by the navigation expecting to have to walk back to meet us, but as they drove up they spotted my hat sailing past. Here he is, getting straight down to it.

Nicholson's told us to expect unusual riverside buildings at Ware, and here they are.

We cruised until we could go no further, our way blocked by a waterfall. We'd arrived at the head of navigation in Hertford.

Our mooring for the night was perhaps strictly not the recommended one, but we could see no 'no mooring' signs. It was in a lovely spot.

Got to go - I think the inverter's died.

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VallyP said...

Wow, I love those riverside buildings. Aren't they gorgeous! And your mooring, Now I shall have tor ead the next one to find out what happened about the inverter :)