Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hertford to Bishop's Stortford

There's much I have to leave out of these posts: crayfishing at Hertford (not us) will have to wait. We left Hertford at 0750, arriving at Rye House Junction at 1040. Then we turned up the Stort. Trains and mills and planes seems to be the theme of this twisty waterway.

The Stansted Express must run every ten minutes or so, this one passing inches overhead on one of the many low bridges on this waterway.

Many of the mills are clapboarded (I think that's the right term for the white painted wooden boarding).

The planes had taken off from, or were about to land at, Stansted Airport.

Arriving at Bishop's Stortford we knew we could probably go no further when we came to this sign. I gently eased forward, and ground to a halt on the mud. This is where I took the photos from.

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VallyP said...

More lovely buildings Beautiful mill indeed, but what happened about the inverter?