Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bagh Chal, a simple game of strategy

As one of her stocking presents Father Christmas gave Jan an interesting board game. It's from Nepal and is called Bagh Chal, or Tigers and Goats. Neither of us had heard of it before.

The four larger white pieces are the "tigers", and there are 20 "goats". The tigers can capture goats by jumping over them to a free space beyond, the goats' aim is to box the tigers in so that they can't move.

The rules are very simple and we were able to start playing straight away.

It'll be a good one for the boat - we'll have to remember to take it.


Andrew Tidy said...

I like the sound of this game - can we play when we next meet please?

Halfie said...

Of course! Looking forward to it. I've just beaten Jan!

Vallypee said...

Looks fun. If the rules are simple, even I'd be able to play it!