Saturday, 31 December 2016

The ladies of Lynn

On 15th November 2016 we visited King's Lynn for the first time, enjoying walking round the old town and looking at the docks. It would have been fun to have parked in West Lynn, on the west of the River Great Ouse, and taken the ferry across to the town.

But we didn't.

Here it is, making a crossing for just one passenger, by the look of it.

It was good to see that King's Lynn is still a working port. In Bentinck Dock were Lady Alida ...

... and Katrin.

At the silted-up end of a channel sat a number of wrecks.

If only the rest of the boat below were in as good a condition as the registration number. You can see several boats in rather better nick in the background.

The swing bridge below is one of two which cross the channel between Alexandra Dock, in the background, and Bentinck Dock, behind the camera. The only access to Bentinck Dock is via Alexandra Dock and through the swing bridges. There seems to be something wrong with this bridge.

A man is looking into it.

Timber is one cargo handled here. Presumably on its way in, not out.

I mentioned Lydia Eva yesterday. She is not actually in King's Lynn, although she was launched there in 1930 and came straight to Great Yarmouth.

Lydia Eva joined the herring fishing fleet and was later used in war work. She is now restored and back in Great Yarmouth as "the world's last surviving steam-powered herring drifter".

As it's New Year's Eve I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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Vallypee said...

Katrin is a very familiar type of ship over here (or is it just a boat?). I love the Lady Eva. What a gorgeous thing! Shame about the wrecks, though. I always feel sad seeing boats gone beyond repair.