Thursday, 29 December 2016

Josiah's dedication

On 13th November 2016 many family members were in Milton Keynes for our grandson's dedication.

This is similar to a Christening service except that the baby is not baptised but "dedicated" to God with the hope and expectation that he will choose baptism for himself when he's old enough to decide for himself. (It's what we did with our children.)

Josiah, here nine months old, made everyone laugh with his "Baaaa" noises during the ceremony!

There's a certain amount of artistic licence in the design of the cake (that's the top photo, if you hadn't guessed), but it's nice and colourful.

In tomorrow's post ... strange circles in Sheffield.


Mike Todd said...

Where was it held? We were in MK for the 1980's.

Halfie said...

Mike, it was at the Grand Union Vineyard church at Fox Milne, off the V11. It wouldn't have been there in the 80s. (We also were in MK in the 80s.)

Vallypee said...

Nice idea! Amazing he's so big now already!