Saturday, 13 June 2015

Cotmanhay Saturday: massive effort to secure marquee against wind, but ...

Saturday 6th June started with a cooked breakfast in the Bridge Inn. Yum.

James's wait was rewarded when his belly buster turned up.

Triple bacon, egg, sausage etc!

The energy was needed for erecting the various stalls, gazebos and large gazebo/lightweight marquee. Once up, some of the roof struts came adrift. Henry and Chris managed to get these back.

It was very windy, but it was decided that the side panels should be added. The photo shows ropes - and gaffer tape - trying to give extra support.

At 1300 the punters arrived. There was a very good atmosphere; youngsters enjoyed the bouncy castle while parents had a drink, the gazebos didn't blow down immediately and people generally had a good time. Jan and I did a one-hour stint looking after the bouncy castle - I have seldom known sixty minutes go slower.

Hazel put her litter picker-upper to good use.

Andy from the Elim Church performed some magic tricks with a Christian message. I have no idea how he got the coin in the bottle nor how he did the rope trick.

Adrian took on a young competitor at the blowing-a-narrowboat race.

And then the wind got just too much for the marquee gazebo.

Oops! Two other gazebos had already been taken down and one of Bob's had been similarly destroyed.

As far as I know no-one was hurt and people went home happy. BCFers went back to their boats tired!

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