Friday, 26 June 2015

A record on our boat

There we were on Jubilee at Amington on the Coventry Canal enjoying post-prandial natter with friends Henry, Lin, Elaine and Jack when four people we didn't know, carrying a bottle of wine, saw Henry and Lin and asked where two other friends were. We invited them in and, before long, the wine was flowing and the ten of us were chatting away.

Then Hayley's daughter appeared on the towpath with her friend so they had to come on board too, making a never-to-be-surpassed number on Jubilee.

Elaine, Halfie, Lin, Chloe, Sophie, Leah, John, Jack (standing), Rachel, Hayley, Henry, Jan

It was lovely having you all on board. 12 is the maximum allowed on our narrowboat. I wonder if/when we'll have the same number on again.


We're still at Amington with the Boaters' Christian Fellowship "Come Aboard" event; we certainly kept to the theme!

(From Alrewas we went to Fradley and Hopwas and Fazeley blah blah blah ... I'll update in fuller measure later ...)

edited to correct spelling


Sarah said...

Are you sure it's not twelve *passengers* - plus up to three crew? That's the MCA limit for boats not registered with them. So maybe you could have had three more...

Halfie said...

Interesting point, Sarah. I expect my insurance says something about the limit on numbers too. I suppose we were all passengers (and crew) even if we didn't actually go anywhere (cf train passengers boarding a train which doesn't leave the station).