Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cotmanhay events end with Indian fare

Last Sunday was the final day of the BCF at Cotmanhay event. Eric and Sue carried on with taking small groups of excited children and adults on mini boat trips; I assisted with Remus winding above Stenson's Lock, whizzing up and down on my bike (and clearing the towpath of all litter).

We served cream teas in the afternoon; there were enough for the helpers to have one - they were very good.

At 1600 we started clearing up; packing away the gazebos in their various conditions, doing more litter sweeps and dismantling the games/crafts.

In the evening 23 of us invaded the Shah Jahan curry house - they didn't have a huge amount of warning - and enjoyed a final meal together. The food was good; the staff brought out complimentary poppadums and melon salads while the chef slaved away on our meals. We were there a long time, but it didn't matter at all as we had plenty to talk about.

I got one of the staff to take this photo - look, I'm in it!

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