Monday, 18 May 2015

Weather. Lots of it.

I think this photo tells the story.

No, it's not a tornado. We cruised from Rugby to Braunston this afternoon in Vivaldi weather. You know, the Four Seasons. We started in warm summery sunshine; then we had a heavy spring shower; I'm sure I had some autumnal leaves round the prop at one point; and, with Braunston in sight, it hailed.

I took the above photo from the Boathouse pub: blue skies and sunshine on the right; dark clouds and rain on the left. Intermittently there was a good rainbow as well.

As we got near to Braunston I took off my clip-on sunglasses and put them on the slide. I think they must have blown off because there's now no sign of them. Oops.

Regular readers might have guessed that we have been away from the boat for a few days. We returned home to do some essential gardening etc. It was good to see friends there; we went to our choir's concert on the Saturday and experienced it from the audience's point of view. It wasn't at all bad! We'll be back in the ranks for the next concert as rehearsals won't start until September.

Here's one of the four trains which took us from Norfolk to Rugby: an East Midlands service just coming into Wymondham Station.

We tied up outside the Boathouse pub and ate there. (Waitress: "I'm sorry, we haven't got any French mustard, only some Dijon mustard.")

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