Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Voltmeter working a treat; wind turbines at sunset

I think I have mentioned that my current (sorry!) favourite gadget is the cheap but effective digital voltmeter constantly monitoring the battery bank. Here it is in situ in the cabin, measuring the voltage while the sun shines on the solar panels (and with the inverter and fridge on).

Being out of direct sunlight it's easy enough to read, but the one I have for the steering position is hard to read in daylight. I now have some different colour gels with me to try out over the display, so I'll experiment. Meanwhile I have ordered another low cost DVM, this time with a red display which I'm hoping will be more legible at the helm. Like the blue voltmeters it's not a bank breaker at £1.48 including postage. (The blue ones have now come down from the exorbitant £1.85 I paid to the altogether more reasonable £1.63!)

Stephen on Chyandour came over for a coffee this morning after I'd helped him tie up; he came for a meal later as well.

We walked into Crick village again; this time we looked round the (unlocked) church and bought milk from the Co-op.

On another walk, this evening, I took this photo.

What is it with me and wind turbines against an interesting sky?

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