Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sunset over Cosgrove Junction

We ascended Cosgrove Lock as the sun was setting last Sunday.

At the marina that evening we were rather surprised when the boat two away from us started its engine at 11 o'clock when we were about to go to bed. When it showed no sign of stopping I walked over, knocked on the boat and asked the innocent-looking owner to switch it off. He claimed not to know that engines or generators weren't allowed to be run outside the hours 8pm to 8am. His "excuse" was that he needed to run the loo macerator! Why the connected shoreline couldn't supply the requisite power I don't know. He switched off and we had a peaceful night.

The next evening Adam and Adrian invited us to join them for drinks on Briar Rose. It was good to see you, thanks.

On New Year's Day we joined our friends from home at a concert in St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich. It was the annual Viennese-style musical afternoon.

l-r: Ruth, Adrian, Halfie, Willie and Jan.

And here are the musicians, the Norwich Pops Orchestra.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you both - hope we get to meet in 2015 - though we're oop north (though our cruising plans have a tendency to change every five inutes recently).

I have made a resolution to keep up with my own blog and reading others this year :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

We haven't started planning this year's cruising yet so I don't know where we'll be. I too will be trying to blog more - it dropped off a bit after last summer! It would be good to meet but we'll see what happens.

Happy New Year to you and Richard.