Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Dyson fixed

We at Halfie Towers have been without a vacuum cleaner for ten days or so. The motor inside our Dyson DC05 died with a horrible smell, so I went on a Dyson forum to find out how to fix it. There I discovered a very clear description of how to dismantle and reassemble the thing, but I needed a Torx screwdriver. With this obtained I was able to remove the old motor, ascertain that it was beyond repair, and order a new one.

Here are the dead motor and the two filters. The lower one is the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) filter which is completely clogged. This is probably what killed the motor as it struggled to push the air through it.

After a bit of difficulty reassembling the Dyson, it now works again.

It should be good for many more years, especially if I remember to check/ replace the HEPA filter every so often.


It's quite windy here in Norfolk now. I trust all your chimney hats, aerials etc. are secure if it's blowy where you are.

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