Thursday, 1 January 2015

A tiny mouse and an interesting way of preparing potatoes for Christmas

We spent a most enjoyable week in the Milton Keynes area visiting Ally and Ben for Christmas. After transferring our stuff to Jubilee and lighting the fire enjoying the warmth of the fire which had been lit for us by Ally and Ben we saw this minuscule mouse on the exit from the marina.

This gives an idea of the scale. I don't think the mouse can have been very well as it remained motionless. What sort of mouse is it? Anyone?

At the house I was sent out to buy a cheap loo brush. I assumed it was for the downstairs loo which Ben had recently plumbed in, so I was surprised to see Ben inserting the end in an electric drill.

He had seen a YouTube clip of someone peeling potatoes by spinning a lavatory brush in a bucket of potatoes.

The potatoes came out clean, but still with their skins intact. Oh well, that's how I like them anyway.

Lunch went efficiently, and there was even time for a short walk before The Queen. I guided the group to the (canalside) Secret Garden where we posed for a self-timed photo on the concrete settee.

left to right: Fergus, Jan, concrete woman, Ben, David, Florence, me, Penny, concrete man, Jemima.

We got back to the house just in time.

After The Queen we opened our presents (in our family it's only stocking pressies before then).

This is Jan at the instant of discovering that she had been given a smart phone. Her first.

On Boxing Day we moved the boat to The Galleon, accompanied by David and Penny. They stayed overnight and left the next morning.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas (bit late, I know) and a Happy New Year.

updated to correct first para (I think my brain needs an update)

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