Thursday, 13 March 2014

Garden fence repaired at last

On Christmas Eve last year, while we were away visiting family, I got an e-mail from our neighbours to say that our fence had blown down. Not all of it: just three panels which were in a fairly ropey state anyway.

When we got home I investigated the options. It's not a difficult DIY job, but when I added the cost of the panels, posts, concrete mix and delivery it came to about £135; fencing companies all quoted the same figure of £200 for them to do it. At the time the weather wasn't particularly pleasant, so I decided to pay the £200 and get it done professionally.

Of course, when they eventually turned up - everyone's fence blows down at the same time so all fencers were busy - the weather was perfect!

I get a quote for replacing the entire run of eleven panels, using concrete posts and concrete gravel boards, but that would have been £1,100.

This should last long enough.

Oh, I gave the lawn its first cut of 2014 yesterday. And I sat in the garden to eat my lunch today. Lovely!

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