Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Crossing Grafton Street Aqueduct in Milton Keynes

22nd February 2014

By hopping off just before the Grafton Street Aqueduct on the GU in MK it's easy to nip across to the railway walk bridge over the same road and take a photo of the aqueduct.

Here is Jan steering Jubilee across (heading towards Wolverton).

It's a shame the railings get in the way, but there is a path on both sides of the aqueduct, so they are unavoidable.

I would think that most road users are unaware that boats can and do cross overhead. If they happen to pass underneath at the right moment they probably get a surprise. The best example of this was last year when Ally and Ben drove under as we were going over. Pure coincidence. There was a bit of hooting and much waving from both "vehicles".

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Anonymous said...

Great photo :-)

We're always waving at cars from aqueducts - what's the chances of Ally and Ben driving under as you're going over???

Sue, nb Indigo Dream