Sunday, 30 March 2014

Blisworth Tunnel: you CAN see all the way through

I was reading someone's blog the other day - sorry, I can't remember whose - where it was stated that it was impossible to see from one end of Blisworth Tunnel to the other. (It was something about a widebeam coming through).

But, as I found when approaching the tunnel last week, you can indeed see the light at the other end.

This is the north portal; I thought I was photographing the speck of light at the other end, but it hasn't come out too well!

When I looked back at the photo I thought it was the glimmer near the top in the blackness, but now I think that's a leaf. Also, it looks as if I'm not lined up with the tunnel: you can see the left wall but not the right.

Oh well, perhaps I'll be more successful next time.

Incidentally, I put the hammer down and made the transit in 29 minutes - and managed to avoid most of the waterfalls.

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