Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wet, wet, wet: I recovered, but my phone didn't

Exhibit A, on the left, my old phone. Exhibit B, on the right, my new phone.

Wetting one: 26th August. Accidental. Up to thigh level. Number of damp phones: 0.

Wetting two: 27th August. Deliberate. Up to neck level. Number of damp phones: 0.

Wetting three: 31st August. Accidental. Up to head level. Number of damp phones: 2.

Perhaps I should have thought to get the phones out of my pockets as soon as I entered the water that third time. But I didn't. I was hoping that after opening them up, shaking the Thames water out, and drying them in the sun the next day they would work. Well, one phone did, my work phone; but my personal phone, a cheap Nokia, would get a signal only intermittently. Time for a new one. It's a Nokia 1616. Another cheap one (£19.99 including £10 top-up, so costing me effectively £9.99), and has a radio and a torch. The radio works only when the earphones are plugged in, so I'll have to remember to keep them with me.

In future perhaps I'll empty my pockets when boating. At least I didn't have my camera round my neck!


VallyP said...

Lucky that your work one still worked :) Yes, phones have a way of being the ones to suffer on these occasions. Always best to remove them from one's person!

Captain Ahab said...

I did the same when I dived in the swimming pool one hot day. Amazingly it recovered after 5 mins submerged - but the water was very clean.