Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Canalside property - you can't get much closer than this!

It's no secret that when we've retired we'll be looking to move to somewhere rather nearer the canal system than Norfolk, where we are now. It's still some years off - we're not ready yet!

I don't know what sort of house we'll end up getting. Canalside would be good. Canalside with an end-of-garden mooring would be even better.

I wonder how many people living on the bank of a canal appreciate their surroundings. What about people living by the Paddington Branch in West Kilburn?

Someone here has a boat, but it can't be easy to use it attached as it is to the side of the building!

How effective is the damp proof course on this old terrace? The shrubbery growing up the side isn't a good sign, although it's more likely to be getting its water from above.

West Kilburn on the Paddington Branch, about a mile west of Little Venice.

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