Monday, 20 May 2019

Standing on one leg on the edge of an aqueduct

No, not me. I'll come to that in a bit.

First, the three-legged footbridge at the new Campbell Wharf Marina in Milton Keynes will make for some good photos. Here's my attempt, as we passed on our way from Peartree Bridge to Galleon Wharf today.

Shame it's not level.

A couple of days ago, while we were moored at Peartree Bridge, the resident heron was nonchalantly dealing with a fish it had just caught. I got my camera out as quickly as I could and fired off a safety shot before attempting to zoom. This is the result. The camera had switched on at its widest angle, hence the poor quality after my cropping.

By the time I'd sorted out the zoom it had swallowed the fish.

Another example of 'getting one in the can' before fiddling around, and hence possibly missing the shot altogether, was this photo of a duck standing on one foot on the offside of the Iron Trunk Aqueduct at Cosgrove.

And after cropping:

Again, by the time I'd zoomed in, the moment had gone. The bird had flown.

Today we had the pleasure of Ally and Ben and our two grandsons on board; tomorrow we will continue our journey to Crick for the boat show.

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