Sunday, 19 May 2019

An army of robots to deliver your shopping

We walked from the boat to Ally and Ben's church this morning. Our very pleasant route took us through Woughton on the Green, the Ouzel Valley Park and Monkston Park, largely across open fields (but on proper metalled MK-style paths throughout).

In Monkston we were astonished to see a robotic vehicle trundling along the footpath.

Looking round, we saw a group of the lawnmower-sized machines gathered outside the Co-op, some of which were beginning to move.

We followed one as it drove along our path; this gives you an idea of its size.

Where it wanted to cross the road it waited while a car passed, then crossed ...

... following two others up the redway.

We could scarcely believe what we had seen. Looking up the website revealed the information that the Starship robots can deliver groceries or packages within a four mile radius, requested and monitored via a mobile app. According to the MK Citizen the robot delivery service was launched about six months ago. Each robot can carry 10kg and deliveries cost the standard fee of £1.

Ally and Ben were not at all surprised when we told them that we'd seen the robots. They have become quite used to them, as must have all the locals. One has to wonder how kidnap-proof they are.

At church we witnessed our second grandson's dedication (like a Christening but with no baptism).

At Ally and Ben's house in Cranfield we enjoyed a splendid lunch party in excellent sunny weather.

Micah, Josiah and our great-nephew Angus

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