Saturday, 21 July 2018

Hitching a ride

Normal service has been resumed, weather-wise. We're back to hot and sunny conditions - I could get used to this.

We were visited by a one-parent family, baby being carried on mummy/daddy's back.

We walked in to Peterborough city centre this morning: first stop the cathedral. There are very good interpretation boards around the place; we spent quite a long time here. The cathedral can be seen to the right of the photo; Jubilee is on the left.

After lunch I cycled to Stanground to have a look at the lock. We're booked in for 0900 tomorrow. Then I cycled back to Fotheringhay to get the car - a lovely ride along the old A605 to Elton and then by-roads to Fotheringhay. I brought the car back to Stanground, a suburb of Peterborough, where we intend to leave it for a couple of weeks. I hope it will be safe.

Finally another sunset photo, partially reflected in Jubilee's roof.

Tomorrow the mysteries of the Middle Levels await us.

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