Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Archimedes screws up bank

First, our mooring last night by Nine Arches Bridge, Thrapston. Or is it really Islip, being on the west side of the bridge?

Brother David and sister-in-law Penny came today; they joined us as we cruised to Oundle.

Here's something you don't often come across on the canals.

The swimmers were enjoying themselves and said the temperature was 22.5 degrees.

A little later on we passed a huge Archimedes screw.

We were told that this was responsible for a bank collapse, leading to a buoy-marked shoal just below the lock.

We tied up at the Oundle Cruising Club, having previously checked this was all right. All very well, but we found that we couldn't get out onto the road. David and I needed to cycle back to Islip to collect our cars so we swung the bow across the river so we could jump off on the other bank, leaving Jan to manoeuvre the boat back to its mooring. To be continued.

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