Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The end of navigation - and the end of the road for Moley?

Sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it? But that's what the sign says. (Not the bit about Moley.)

OK, it actually reads "End of Environment Agency Navigation", so it's not forecasting the end of the world as we boat it. We were in Brandon, Suffolk, today (not by boat), walking along the River Little Ouse on another recce for a regional BCF gathering on Saturday week.

Attached to the mooring pontoon was a notice written in the local lingo.

It's in Polish and - according to Google Translate - means "Please take your rubbish home, thank you".

On our walk we came across a man in a hi-vis jacket with a long-handled four-pronged device. He had been creeping gently forward amongst fresh molehills on a playing field before coming to a complete standstill.

He noticed me taking this photo but ignored me and didn't move. I had never before seen a mole catcher in action - if "action" is the right word. After a while nothing happened and we moved on, completing a very pleasant walk.

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