Monday, 5 March 2018

Calorifier concerns

What a difference three days makes! We've been basking in double-digit (just) temperatures today and the snow is going fast. It was only yesterday that our local Tesco Express received its first delivery of milk for a while - the shelves had been bare for four days.

Two days ago many houses had spectacular icicles. I had hoped to provide an example or two, but the computer is on a go-slow and isn't playing ball. Unless it's a Blogger problem whereby it won't upload images. Here they are.

Jan said something the other day which made us both think about Jubilee - effectively abandoned by us since the last time we were there in January - and its calorifier. The mild winters of the last few years have lulled me into a false sense of security and I realise that I didn't properly winterise the boat. I suppose I thought that we'd just drive over and do the necessary if the weather got cold ... but it all took us rather by surprise.

One good thing is that our friends David and Mary have checked the boat today and all seemed to be well, so I hope we don't find a ghastly split in the calorifier when we go ourselves later this week.

Updated with photos

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