Saturday 23 April 2016

To Norton Junction and an appointment with friends and food

I cycled the two or three miles to Welford this morning for a paper. It was good to be on the bike again, and the weather was excellent, being cool and sunny. Back on the boat, we set off for our rendezvous at Norton Junction, stopping twice more at Yelvertoft (for a water top-up) and Crick (for a visit to the Co-op).

It was a great day for cruising, despite the lack of warmth in the air.

Dabchick sports the Cross of St. George at the waterpoint at Yelvertoft.

Approaching Crick Tunnel Jan tries to get a signal on her phone.

At Watford Locks we had to wait for a couple of boats to clear the staircase, then we were quickly down the flight. We were probably the lockie's last boat of the day; after this the locks are now "self service".

Not far below the locks we met Terry and Christine walking to meet us. We picked them up, turned right onto the main line and tied up behind their boat, Grace. They fed us and kept us entertained until it was time to go "home"; now I'm writing this before going to bed. It was excellent seeing them again.

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Herbie Neil said...

If it's not too late could you photograph their name panel and send me the picture? I'm collecting 'Grace' boats for my granddaughter. We've seen 5 this week!
Kath (nb Herbie)