Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mini mayhem at Braunston and visitors from home

I spent some of the morning wiring up a relay to enable the domestic alternator to sense the domestic batteries rather than the starter battery. Unfortunately, after I'd connected it all up, I discovered that although the contacts make a clunk when the coil is energised, they don't seem to pass any current. Oops. Now I had to unwire it again.

While I was doing all this Herbie went by. (Note the oncoming boat, James No 194, passing the Gongoozlers' Rest.)

So far, so Braunston. But why the horrified faces on Melaleuca, following?

Simon puts the brakes on ...

... as James No 194, having turned into the marina entrance, reverses back out in Melaleuca's path. To add to the interest nb Alexander was aground on the offside and trying to get off. All good fun.

This afternoon, after a message from friends Ian and Liz from home who happened to be in the vicinity, we met up with them at the boat.

It was an unexpected visit, and all the better for that. We all ate in the Boathouse before going our separate ways. It was good to see you; any other readers from home take note that we're always open for visitors.


Halfie said...

Dave Ward commented:

Relay contacts get burned (particularly if they are switching heavy loads), and they can also oxidise if not used for some time, meaning they won't always pass small currents. See if you can get it apart - a good clean with some fine abrasive paper usually works wonders!

In my days in the telecoms industry many systems had "wetting" circuits, which deliberately passed a small current through relay contacts in order to keep the oxidisation at bay.

Halfie said...

Dave, thanks for that tip. The relay unit looks well sealed, but I'll have a go at cutting it open.