Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wendover Arm - the dry section

Before coming to the dry section of the Wendover Arm I'll backtrack a little to this house: the end-of-garden mooring ready for the re-opening of the canal.

Turning round, and looking "downstream", towards the main line, the canal looks like this.

There is water under there somewhere!

And then we come to the definite end of the wet part.

The other side of the bund shows evidence of bank strengthening, and the orange plastic mesh gives a foretaste of what is to come.

This is obviously where efforts have been concentrated.

Onto the uprights of the footbridge have been fixed plaques naming people who have supported the Wendover Arm Trust's work (no photo of the plaques - sorry!)

This is as far as I got before cycling back to Wendover for the car so I could pick Jan up from Aston Clinton. I think this is the outlet from a pumping station.

I'd like to think that the winding hole at the end of the navigable section was just round the corner, but I don't know if I was that close. A good reason to return another day.

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Simon said...

That wooden footbridge is indeed a short and pleasant walk from the current terminal basin of the Wendover - it's as far as i got on my recent trip out. We were going to come back with bikes, but then i ran out of water and had to head back to Bulbourne... ;-(