Sunday, 22 September 2013

Clearing the prop the "easy way" (and getting very wet)

Being a converted butty, NB Kew has no weed hatch.* In order to clear the propeller the first approach is to put it into astern to try to throw off the rubbish. If that doesn't work then the hooked boat shaft is used to try to pull the obstruction free.

Success! David has removed a mangled jacket which stopped the boat at Perry Barr Top Lock.

Later in the trip, on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, there was more prop clearance to be done.

David attacked the problem from both sides ...

... and even had to lie down on the job.

Sometimes, though - as here - there's nothing for it but to feel what's going on with your hands. Easy enough through a weed hatch, but, for David, a bigger commitment is required.

I wouldn't fancy doing this in the depths of winter!

In the event David cut free a quantity of thin polypropylene rope using, of course, the bread knife.

*Update to add that I've had a message from Mary to say that Kew does indeed have a weedhatch; it's just that David often finds it easier to get into the water than undo and redo all the bolts!


Captain Ahab said...

I am so glad I have a weed hatch!

Halfie said...

Andy, I got it wrong. Kew does have a weed hatch - I've updated the post.

Val Poore said...

What a mission! I don't envy him!