Saturday, 8 December 2012

Solar pillar at Hillmorton Locks

Now, I may be behind the times here, but I think I haven't blogged about these solar pllars before.

This one is at Hillmorton Locks, and they're a common sight near locks. I think they must be to provide power for the system which measures lock usage, but putting "solar" into an internet search engine returns millions of results, so I haven't been able to find out.


I was getting along well with Neil's photo quiz - until I came to the one with the different signs giving distances and locks to various locations. I thought it was going to be Worcester - right number of locks and miles to Birmingham from there, but the other locations didn't work. I'm waiting for Neil's next post!


Peter Lee said...

I'm not sure about the thing you show but I know of a solar powered water level sensor on the restored Droitwich Junction Canal - see my web page here:
I think BW (CaRT) use solar powered devices as it it very expensive to get the local electricity distribution company to install a mains supply, compared to the cost of a solar panel.

Stephen said...

Try this:

Halfie said...

Peter, thank you.

Stephen, thanks, that bollard looks the same as the one I photographed. I don't recall having heard about the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities before. Does it still exist? Their webste looks a bit out of date.