Sunday, 6 February 2011

Timelapse: Limehouse Lock to Albert Bridge

Our second and last night in Limehouse Basin was Saturday 21st August 2010, after returning from the flood barrier trip. The next morning, Sunday 22nd August 2010, we started upstream, the intention to get to the head of navigation. Great excitement, then, as the first bridge we were to pass underneath was Tower Bridge. This timelapse film records our journey as far as Albert Bridge. Don't worry, there's more to come!

For the trip to Teddington Lock we had extra crew, some of whom got in the way of the camera some of the time. On Willow I attach the camera to the inside of the door window using a suction mount, so I don't have to worry about it when it rains.

  • nb Scholar Gypsy leaves Limehouse Lock just in front of us (0.01)

  • Tower Bridge and The Gherkin (0.12)

  • passing under Tower Bridge (0.14)

  • Cleopatra's Needle (slightly wonky) (0.29)

  • Palace of Westminster and London Eye (0.30)

  • Battersea Power Station (0.40)

  • train going over Grosvenor Railway Bridge (0.42)


Captain Ahab said...

Impressive Halfie
I bet you were always aware of the recently repaired propshaft coupling...

Halfie said...

It was always in my mind, but at this stage I didn't know how close the prop was to coming off!