Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Woody Woodpecker pays a visit

Last night we found ourselves in another mobile data free zone, so here is what I had intended to post then, plus a couple of pics from today.

On Friday, just before setting off from Welford Junction, Jan spotted a green woodpecker on the bank.

Apologies for the poor quality photos.

As with many on the cut we lit our stove. This was on Saturday - only three days ago. It's warmed up now, I'm glad to say, even if the rain persists.

Yesterday, as forecast, our two grandsons and their parents visited. We were just tying up below Napton Locks; we all went to the Folly Inn for lunch. After they had gone I cycled to Southam for supplies from the large Tesco there. On the way back my back tyre suddenly deflated. Again. Fortunately I was nearly at the canal, so I was able to push the bike along the towpath the half mile or so to the boat.

This morning we set off up the Napton flight - actually in T-shirt and shorts (well I was). Many of the pounds were rather low.

Above Marston Doles we stopped to say hello to a BCF couple on Chouette. They came aboard Jubilee for a cup of tea after we had had our separate lunches.

Angela, Pat and Jan
Tomorrow we're aiming for Banbury. In the rain. Good job we are waterproof.

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