Monday, 11 March 2019

River Wensum walk

Today Jan and I recce-ed a walk along the River Wensum in Norwich. We are organising a day out in our fine city for anyone in the Boaters Christian Fellowship who wants to come along - so far there looks to be ten of us.

I had hoped the railway swing bridge would have been visible from the riverside path but the Laurence Scott works are in the way.

One end of the walk, then, will start at the neighbouring Carrow Road swing bridge.

The Norwich City Football Club ground is just to the right.

Further upstream is Pull's Ferry, one of the most photographed locations in the city.

Next up is Bishop Bridge, above which hire boats are not allowed.

There wasn't much traffic on the river, but we were crossing the bridge when this hire boat came up to have a look before turning round.

Next to the Cow Tower ...

... is a curious collection of bird boxes in the name of art.

Skirting round the cathedral and the courts, past the art school and the Playhouse, we came to New Mills Pumping Station.

The Victorian pumping station spans the river and was used for pumping sewage to a treatment works. Water turbines compressed air which drove pneumatic ejection pumps, a system reputed to be replicated in only one other place, the Houses of Parliament. (Info from here)

There was rather a cold wind blowing today, but we had some welcome sunshine. Let's hope it's not raining on Saturday.

I had forgotten how long it takes to write a blog post - perhaps that's why there has been such a gap since the previous one.

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