Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hatton in the heat

We left Leamington Spa this morning and stopped by Budbrooke Junction so I could cycle back to Radford Semele to retrieve the car. The car bit of the journey took twice as long as the cycling as I found myself on the A46 dual carriageway heading out of Warwick. It's all been rebuilt since my OS map and the satnav so they weren't much good. I parked eventually in Hampton Magna. What I should have done is parked at the top of the Hatton flight so I could freewheel down the hill to the boat.

At 1445, after lunch, we started on the Hatton locks.

It was hot work and there was very little traffic. We passed just one boat and were not aware of anyone going in our direction. We had a good road: all but two locks were in our favour.

The pound below the top lock was a good two feet down, so I ran some water in from the long pound above the lock.

Tomorrow we'll be joining the Stratford Canal, heading north, and we'll be back to narrow locks, the first since Watford two weeks ago.

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