Sunday, 9 April 2017

Wyming Brook walk, Sheffield

A couple of weeks ago, on 28th March, we drove up to Sheffield to visit Andrew. He took us to Wyming Brook, a tributary of the River Rivelin to the west of the city.

Andrew led us on an excellent walk through the trees, down to the Rivelin Dams reservoir and back up along the brook itself.

As we set off from the car park the sunlight was filtering through the trees. Andrew also filtered through the trees.

What looked at first glance like dandelion is actually, I believe, coltsfoot.

When we climbed up by the brook it had started to rain, but the trees sheltered us to some extent and we didn't get too wet. The rain didn't last long.

It was a delightful walk. Andrew appreciates having countryside such as this on his doorstep.

On to today, and what amazing summer-like weather we've been enjoying! As we walked in shirtsleeve order to church this evening for a Palm Sunday service of music and readings the aroma of a barbecue wafted tantalisingly over us. I think we'll be down with a bump tomorrow as temperatures ten degrees lower are forecast.

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