Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Goodbye, old two-wheeled friend

As a result of a chance conversation with some banger racing enthusiasts a couple of days ago we managed to get rid of our old Sprite Musketeer caravan.

We had lots of holidays in it when the children were smaller and it served us well. It never leaked and always somehow just seemed to work with the absolute minimum of maintenance.

After sitting in the same position by an outbuilding for ten years or so the tyres still held air (after a little pumping up) and the corner braces moved freely. The jockey wheel wound up and down and I was amazed to see that the lights even worked. Usually, just before setting off on a holiday, I would have to do some fiddling with the bulbs in their holders or the pins on the plug.

The man who collected it said he might use it as a tea hut instead of destroying it in a banger race. I like that idea.

So farewell, old friend. Happy memories.

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