Monday, 31 August 2015

Oatcake Boat comes up with the goods

We reached Westport Lake, just the other side of Harecastle Tunnel this afternoon, just before the rain turned quite heavy. I had intended to change the oil, but that will wait for a drier day. Instead I tackled the grisly job of cleaning out the shower sump, hoping that that would make the float switch work better. It didn't, so I need to buy a new float switch.

As we tied up Jan noticed a boat in front was a food boat of some sort, so I went to investigate and found the Oatcake Boat.

I love North Staffordshire Oatcakes, especially when they are filled with melted cheese, so I made sure I went back to it before they shut.

By this time Adrian and Chris had joined us on Essence having got a later passage through the tunnel. We all enjoyed the good value fare. The oatcake lady does much of her trade when Stoke City Football Club is playing at home; she positions her boat near the Britannia Stadium. She was telling us that fans have made a tradition of buying an oatcake from her on match days. The most popular filling is cheese and bacon (£2).

I had a cheese one (£1.30)and a "special" (£1).

I mentioned the rain. It wasn't too bad earlier in the day when we were coming down the bottom end of the Macclesfield Canal, but all yesterday's views had disappeared behind a low cloud.

I think Mow Cop is behind here somewhere.

It was good meeting up with Adrian and Chris again; they joined us for tea as did Jan's former college friend Jane.

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Mrs.D said...

And it was a lovely evening we spent with you. Thank you.