Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stoke Bruerne to Braunston in the wind; unable to fix a fellow boater's alarming problem

We were up reasonably early this morning, so we set off up the remaining two Stoke Bruerne locks at 0810. Our locking companion of yesterday, Thump, was coming down the top lock as we waited to go up it.

Part of the towpath between Stoke Bruerne and the tunnel is being resurfaced; here is the team working on it.

We saw no other boats in Blisworth Tunnel, and it was much drier than our previous recent passages were. After a brief stop at Blisworth for Jan to walk to the Post Office stores for milk and a paper we carried on. The plan now was to try to get ahead of ourselves as the weather forecast for tomorrow is dreadful: gusts of 48 mph and heavy rain.

We had quite high winds today, and when these carried a shower of rain we stopped to let it blow over. When the rain stopped we got going again, through Bugbrooke, Nether Heyford and Weedon.

The flag at Nether Heyford is just about staying attached to its pole.

As we approached Buckby Locks we could see a boat waiting for us in the bottom lock. The approach to the bottom lock is dead straight - you can see a boat coming for about half a mile.

In a lock half way up the flight the boat, Rusalka (?), had an engine temperature alarm sounding. The couple had borrowed the boat from the father of one of them; while the young lady phoned her dad I had a look in the engine hole. Jan took a shot of my backside.

There was nothing obviously wrong: all belts present and correct, no "hot smells", no steam, no real heat. Their dog had got into an electrics cupboard just before this - the feeling was that the canine had disturbed some wiring and set off the alarm. This seemed to be confirmed when the engine refused to start after being stopped for a couple of minutes. There was something to be reset inside - I didn't get involved. Anyway, the engine started again, but still with the alarm sounding. We left them discussing the possible problem with the father and continued on our way.

Above the top lock we saw a very familiar boat.

Our former shared ownership boat Shadow was looking good. We noticed new roof furniture (and the old armchair/beds inside!)

We entered Braunston Tunnel at about 1715 thinking we'd stop above the locks unless there was someone going down we could share with. In the event we cracked on down the locks anyway, on our own. Well, we're very efficient lockers with me on my bike. We tied up just beyond Butcher's Bridge at 1900, just before dark. Phew! Rather more hours than we'd originally planned, but we can now sit out the (forecast) bad weather tomorrow.

Some boats keep an anonymous look (like ours, still, I'm ashamed to say*). Some, on the other hand, have their name in huge letters. Here is Aylestone at Gayton.

*I might have a go at signwriting Jubilee myself. Haven't told Jan yet.


Jan said...

Ha ha! You're a few days early for April 1st!

Vallypee said...

I think you did the right thing, It's blowing something chronic over here today!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Aylestone's decor. Many people say that we should have gone to Specsavers!

Halfie said...

It is certainly distinctive! We saw you again recently, can't remember where now. Crick?