Saturday, 1 November 2014

A walk round Kimberley in the November sunshine, and a mysterious machine

Jan and I went for a walk in the Norfolk countryside this afternoon, making the most of the warm sunny weather.

Projecting from the leaf litter was this impressive mushroom.

The clay pantiles of Kimberley Home Farm glowed in the autumn sunshine.

We came across a plethora of abandoned farm machinery on our walk. This piece looks less abandoned, more awaiting the next job. I couldn't work out what it's used for - it has a weight which runs on a slide; attached to the weight is a rope connected to a hydraulic lever.

Looking at it now I wonder if the slide is vertical in use, and the weight is made to fall on a fence post to drive it into the ground.

Tomorrow I intend to write up how we spent a day helping to clean up the Grand Union Canal. The canal might have ended up cleaner; I certainly didn't.

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